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Is your bad website design hurting your business?

A weak-performing website can prove to be the biggest obstacle in your growing business. We understand this very well and create a super-designed website for you that is set according to your long-term goal and gives you your return-off. Our website designing company is based in Gurgaon and also provides its services in Delhi and  Noida.

If there is no growth in your business even after having a website, then some of the main reasons for this can be the following-

  • The navigation of your website can be very complex which makes it difficult for the user to know about your services or products.
  • Your website may not be mobile responsive.
  • The content of your website is not designed keeping in mind your target audience.
  • You are growing weaker than your competitor.
  • Your competitor’s website should have more features than your website.

Apart from this, there can be many such reasons which hinder the growth of your business. Your website is a factor of the first impression for the user, so the website should always be developed with the best design and features.

We are an all-in-one platform that works from developing your website to providing you the best ranking in search engines. Once you contact us, then you do not have to take digital service from anyone else.

Who we are

 Azpa Technology is a website designing service provider and digital marketing company which has been providing its website designing services in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon for many years.

Azpa Technologies is a collaboration of some of the best young developers and digital marketers. We aim to give a new status to your business and to emerge as a well-known web development company in the country.  We endeavor to provide you all types of digital services and that too at a very affordable cost. Our website designing services have the following features-

Types of website designing Services we offer

Corporate website designing service-

We design professional websites for corporations with industry specialised looks and feel. Since the last two years, our designers have successfully worked on 200 + corporate projects.

Ecommerce Website designing services-

Our e-commerce website design and development is very simple and simple, hundred percent mobile responsive, and equipped with all the best e-commerce features, we create a checkout experience for your customers that is your digital repeat buyer.  converts to.

 Portfolio website designing services-

 Best to deliver your product and service to your prospect and convert them into customers. Our Website designing services design the best portfolio website for you according to your product or service which will convert your prospect into a customer instantly.

 Landing Page Designing Services –

 Landing pages can make or break your business. It is an important part of the campaign of any marketing champion. Content is very important in designing a landing page. We understand this very well and find the best one for you.  Our Website designing services include the best landing page that gives you a high conversion ratio.

Blog/News Websites Designing services-

 Due to the difficult navigation and hard content visibility of your website, readers move to other websites, so we did a lot of work for news and block websites and have created many designs, out of which you can choose one of your own.  Our Website designing services provide the best look to your news/blog websites.

 Video Content Website Designing services-

 It is believed that videos influence more customers than articles and images. We created a website for your video content, which customers can easily see, like them, give their reviews and you can easily contact them. The main goal of our video content website designing is to generate leads for you.

Essential features that we include in every website designing project

Effective page layout

We create a very simple yet stunning page layout. The website designed by our website designing team fits all types of devices and website users can easily interact with each content of yours.

 SEO friendly

 We not only design the website for you but also design it in such a way that your digital marketing becomes easy. A difficult website design can hinder your search engine optimization process. As an emerging SEO company in Gurgaon, we are looking for search engines that understand all aspects of optimization and website designing.

Motion graphic

 Our website designing services use Motion Graphic as per your requirement and choice Motion Graphic is created to impress and attract your users. A well-formatted Motion Graphic can bind your users in a long-term relationship.


The codes made by our website designing company are structured and can be easily related. Our website designing services use the best coding techniques to give light speed to your website.

 Blog integration

 The blog has become an important part of any digital marketing, even today with many websites that do not have a block section if you do not have a blog section, then you cannot update your website, our website designing services integrates a blog in your website so that the side  Keep updating and keep increasing your importance in the eyes of google.

 Social and Chat Integration

 If your business needs chat integration, then Our website designing services provides the best chat system for you as well as social media. The integration of the social media platforms that you use is very important for your business because of social integration your customers visit, follow and subscribe to you on your social media from your website.

Innovative Customization

 In this era of the startup, every business has its innovative thinking, for which they also need an innovative website. Our website designing services have some innovative web designers and developers to work with, who understand your plan and provide the best innovative customization.

Inquiry form

This is one of the best factors to generate leads for you. When a customer shows interest in your product or service, you should provide the inquiry form to grab his/her contact details. Our website designing services integrate inquiry forms in almost all the websites designed by us.

Our work process

At Azpa Technologies, Our Website Designing services help you with every step of your web designing process from domain and hosting solutions for your website Our professional web designers give you the best marketing tools in the form of a website.  Our way of working is done in the following steps –


 First of all, we understand your business plan and long-term goal during a face-to-face meeting with you, after that we create a layout of your website which needs your approval.


 When you approve the website layout created by us, then our developers on your website start the designing work on your website, we add graphics, visual presentation, and content to your website according to the concept discussed.


After the user interface of your website is ready, we start the process of the development phase of your website. This is the part of coding that includes the database and other third-party integrations.


After the website’s designing and development, our developers test that website at their level, its features, and the entry integrated into it, the database is checked deeply and whatever we get to see here, we fix it.


The most disregarded aspects of launching a website are properly tested at technology. We have a testing checklist and team in place to ensure the qualitative output for your website.


We offer you free web support after the successful launch of your website Our technical and maintenance experts keep an eye on all the front-end and back-end parts of your website Our Automated Customer Relationship Management System provides support to all your queries.

FAQ: Our Website Designing Services

What is a website designing service?

In today’s time, it is very important to have a website to stay in business, there are many advantages of having a business website, in which the biggest advantage is that you can reach your customers very easily and you can win their trust.  Website designing services are responsible for this. Website Designing Services designs the website for you according to the needs of your business.

What does it cost to build a website?

No matter their company status, we treat all customers the same. We are the only company in our industry that displays prices for most of the most popular web design, web development, and online marketing builds. Because we are honest about our prices, there is no need to hide. We know that they are fair and reasonable when compared apples to apples. Talking to us is the best way to find out how much your website will be.

DO you look to outsource your work?

NO! No. All of our work is done in-house. From the beginning until today we never outsource our tasks to any company. We have our in-house team for every single task. This is something we are proud to say, as it is only a handful of companies that do this in India today.

Do you offer support?

Yes, we do offer lifetime support through the CMS (Administration) we will create for you, you will be able to modify and add to your website as much as possible. You will also have access to our developers for any questions. We connect to your computer to help you with any questions or modifications.

Are your websites SEO-friendly?

100% yes! We are Google Partners! As a Google Partner, it is our responsibility to ensure that your website is easily found online. We help you to make your website SEO-friendly and follow best practices as recommended by our partner GOOGLE.

Do you have any suggestions for online marketing?

Yes. Yes! We do more than just build the website. Our primary goal is to help your online success. Our team is here for the long term. We offer many online marketing packages, including local SEO, national SEO, and paid-per-click advertising (Adwords Account Step), including display network and search network.

Tell me about what makes your company unique.

We are a trustworthy Website designing service provider. We have been in business for over 10 years. Our Websites are custom-built with unlimited revisions. We offer you technical support for as long as you want to stay connected with us! Google has certified our web developers way beyond average. We are more than just here to build your site. We are looking for a long-term relationship you can rely on. We are here for you today and tomorrow. We want your business to succeed online. Your success is our success. Because we care about you and your business goals, we are different. We will do whatever it takes to reach them! Our team is here for you 24/7!

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