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SEO Company in Noida 

We are a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) company in Noida that helps brands reach new customers via a search engines and social media. We can help you, whether you are an international e-commerce brand or a legal entity targeting local audiences.

As an emerging SEO company in Noida, Our goal is to improve your online reputation and make your website more relevant towards popular search terms you wish to rank for. SEO consulting is required to achieve both of these goals. It requires a multi-faceted approach that combines technical, creative, and research skills.

This combination of attributes allows our SEO team in Noida to offer professional, commercially-minded SEO services that have been proven to deliver results.

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What’s offer our SEO company in Noida

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website to improve crawling and indexing through search engines. To help search engines access, crawl, understand, and index your website quickly, Our SEO company in Noida uses best practices in technical SEO.

Content for your search

Our SEO content writers will create optimised content for landing pages to help explain your business to new leads. Our SEO content writers can help you learn the basics of keywords, tone, and how to convert leads.

We also design campaigns that make an impact in a sea of content. You can think of engaging blog posts, infographics and shareable quizzes. All these are examples of creative content that is informative, persuasive, and designed to generate interest and buzz.

Outreach and link building

Google uses outreach, also called digital PR to get the endorsements from other people who are experts in your field.

At AZPA, We first identify bloggers, journalists, and influencers that are relevant to your brand, or a campaign. Then our SEO company in Noida will engage with them in order to secure coverage for your content. This will increase brand awareness and improve your ranking in Google’s search results.

Local SEO

Our SEO company in Noida offers local SEO strategies that will help you grow your business and get more customers. We also manage, optimise and set up your Google My Business page.

Local SEO services include NAP consistency, acquisition of local links and creation of a Google Review Strategy specific to your business.

International SEO

At Azpa technologies, We can assist you with additional SEO considerations if you have a multilingual site or if your business offers a service outside of India.

It is important to ensure your website drives traffic from all languages of Google. We have achieved this for many clients, including large Indian universities that target international students.

SEO Audits

You may be curious about SEO, but not ready to invest in a campaign. Ask about our SEO audit service if you are interested in learning more about the issues and potential opportunities relevant to your website.

Audits include technical and on-page optimization, site speed, and performance in organic searches compared to your competitors. We offer audits in a variety of sizes and can customize one to meet your needs.

Our SEO company in Noida will help you create a profitable SEO campaign.

 Here’s how Search engine optimisation work- 

Our SEO campaign will begin with keyword research, then move on to page optimization, link building, and monthly reporting. Keyword research is crucial because it allows us to identify the keywords that will bring traffic to the site and increase sales.

We will target many keywords

We will analyse all data from Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools if your website has been online for more than a year. This is common with many of our clients’ websites. So that we don’t damage any existing rankings, we’ll identify the keywords currently ranking. After identifying the keywords that are most important to your website, we will add keyword variations for other search terms that may be related to your business. If you own a shoe shop, we’ll look at various variations such as ‘buy shoes online’ or ‘buy school shoes online’.

After compiling this list and the data from site traffic, we can come up with 200-300 keywords. It all depends on how big the site is and how many products or services are sold.

We will target the right pages

Once we have the keyword list, we can create a Keyword Map. This will allow us to assign different groups keywords to the appropriate pages of the site. A page for students looking for shoes for school will direct them to all possible keyword variants. The keyword map will enable us to optimize all pages once we have it. We’ll be looking at the title tags, meta description and the content of each page. We will also examine the URL structure and internal linking of the site.

We will increase the number and quality of links to your website

Link building will begin once the site has been optimized with the targeted keywords. This includes looking at the links of competitors’ websites, submitting to local directories and joining any membership sites we find in our link research. We will also create content and distribute it across websites. All of this will help increase the number of links pointing to your website. This will result in a rise in your rankings which will lead to an increase in your traffic.

Monthly reports will be available to show how the campaign is progressing

Reporting is the fourth component of our SEO package. We’ll set up Google Analytics, and if not, we’ll analyze traffic over the past year. We will create a detailed report that will be updated monthly and sent to you. This report will include traffic sources, so you can see exactly where traffic is coming from and where it is decreasing or increasing. This report will show you which traffic is responsible for conversions to your site. These are crucial because you can see which traffic is most important for your business and which advertising is less important.

A monthly review of keywords’ positions will be included in the report. Every keyword in the campaign will be given a detailed history of its position every month. It doesn’t matter if it’s page 1, page 3, or position 1. This is important to show progress and also analyze any drops. Reports are also very helpful in that we can analyze what’s working and not, and then we can adjust the campaign accordingly.

Azpa Technologies is the right place to work

Full SEO Service in Noida 

Our SEO company in Noida can help you see the full picture of how digital can improve your business, from marketing to technology. We can assist you with everything from outbound messaging to operational efficiency.


Our SEO experts have been our passion for over 15 years. Our experience is our greatest asset, from consulting for Roller Coaster to Think tanks.


We create innovative solutions to help you seize new opportunities. We create campaigns that capture the essence of your brand and build loyalty with your customers.

Changes in SEO & Digital PR

We are proud of our approach to SEO and digital PR. Our processes are constantly improved to improve campaign success, to facilitate change and to ensure smooth communication.

Most Common Doubts

SEO costs how much?

Our SEO company in Noida offers multiple SEO packages on a monthly basis. monthly SEO packages cost between 7000 to 100k. Based on the market’s competitiveness, we determine a cost per campaign.

What is an SEO campaign?

The campaign will include four areas: keyword research, content optimization, link building,and reporting. Each area has many SEO tasks, which will all be covered in your package. All tasks necessary to improve your site’s rankings will be taken care of by us, including internal linking, anchor text optimization, constant keyword mining, XML submission, 301 redirects and citation building and disavows.

What traffic can you bring to my site?

Traffic growth will depend on many factors, including traffic availability in your market, strength and current strength of your site. Regular traffic will increase over time, and even more important, sales or enquiries will rise.

What contract will I be bound to?

You can  leave at any time. SEO is a complex and time taking process, To maximize your campaign’s effectiveness, we recommend that it be kept going for at most 6 months.

What is the time it will take to see results?

It varies from one site to the next and depends on how competitive the keywords are and the strength of your website. After we have done some preliminary research, we will be able to give you an estimate.

Why You need SEO for your business

More people will visit your website

SEO will put your website on page one when people search for specific keywords. This will result in more clicks, which can lead to more sales or  enquiries. A steady flow of quality traffic can be generated by ranking high on Google for competitive keywords. Tens of thousands of clicks per month can be earned by getting to the top of Google for hundreds of keywords. This is a huge opportunity for businesses.

SEO is more efficient than traditional advertising

Google traffic is the best quality traffic source you can find. Google is the first place people go to when they need to find information or buy products. This is why SEO and PPC are so successful. 

People who search for information are actively searching to find out more or buy something. This compares to social media, banner advertising on the web and print media that people aren’t looking for a purchase. Particularly social media has a low conversion rate when compared to Google traffic.

Instant trust and credibility for your business

SEO is best known for increasing traffic. However, ranking among the top five Google search results will help to build trust and reputation with potential customers. If your business ranks amongst Amazon, myntra and flipkart in Google search results, it can give the impression that your company is of the same quality or size as these large brands. A small business can gain instant credibility from customers, especially if it appears on first page 

SEO: lets you expand in areas you don’t currently have a presence

SEO can be used to bring in new business from any part of the country or the world. You can target keywords based on location even if your company isn’t physically located in the area.

For example, We can help furniture businesses based in Noida to appear in searches in and Delhi simultaneously. Many companies have used our services to get traffic, leads, and sales from places they don’t own.

Long-lasting effects

An SEO campaign’s impact isn’t going to disappear if you stop it. Your site will remain in the top Google rankings and your traffic will increase for a while. Your site will not disappear if competitors push your site higher in the rankings.

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