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Whether you want to promote a product-based or service-based business online, you always need to avail services of a digital marketing agency. With the help of a digital marketing company online, you can easily promote your products or services among targeted groups of people. But for this, you need digital services of a right digital marketing company such as Azpa Technologies.

We at Azpa Technologies don’t claim to be the best digital marketing agency, but we guarantee our clients for providing outstanding digital marketing solutions. Whether it is about running PPC Ads or starting an email marketing campaign, we at Azpa Technologies are always ready to bring desired results for your business.

We believe in providing digital marketing services that can help a business grow online faster than ever before. Whether you are a startup company or an establish business, experts at Azpa Technologies can still guide you about how to increase your business revenue.

Azpa Technologies was officially founded in 2014. The main objective behind establishing this digital marketing company in India is to help contemporary businesses promoting their services and products online.

We at Azpa Technologies are devoted to create customized digital marketing services for our valuable clients like you. Whether it is about lead generation through Facebook or increasing organic traffic towards a website using SEO, we at Azpa Technologies know how it can be done.

Azpa Technologies’ Digital Marketing Services

Let’s check out our digital marketing services to have an insight about what kind of digital marketing you need for your business.

SEO & PPC Campaigns

The key difference between SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click) is that traffic receiving from SEO is organic or free while on the other hand, traffic received from PPC campaigns isn’t free.

So, when your website or ecommerce store receives organic traffic through search engines, it is free. On the other hand, PPC campaigns are run for deriving targeted traffic towards a site through paid advertising.

We at Azpa Technologies offer PPC campaigns and SEO services according to the digital marketing requirements of a business online.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is actually a process that the helps leveraging social media sites or networking sites to promote a business online.

With the help of social media marketing services, you can effectively promote your products or services among desired groups of people.

Paid Advertising

Whether you want to increase revenue by selling products or offering services, you always need to attract desired traffic towards your site. For this, you can try various options – from SEO to social media, but the most effective choice is paid advertising.

Remember, Pay-per-click advertising model can help you promoting your products or services on the internet. We at Azpa Technologies know how to unveil the power of paid advertising for promoting products or services of our clients.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is actually a part of social media marketing. But here, we use celebrities or internet influencer to promote products or services of our clients.

We at Azpa help our clients endorsing their products or services through influencer marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an effective form of internet marketing that concentrate on creating, publishing on various platforms and distributing of content.

We at Azpa help our clients in spreading words about their products or services online. With the help of content marketing, our clients can educate their potential as well as existing customers about their services or products.

Data Analytics

We use data analytics process to inspect, clean, transform, and modeling data keeping the objective of discovering or gathering desired information, insights and conclusions out of business data.

Conversation Rate Optimization

Conversation Rate Optimization (CRO) is an effective process of enhancing numbers of users or site visitors especially to make a certain decision.

Online Reputation Management

We help our clients building online reputation for their business. With the help of online reputation management, we help our client controlling, concealing and even influencing reputation for their business online.

Facebook Lead Generation Campaign

Azpa Technologies runs Facebook lead generation campaigns for its clients so that they can attract buyers for their products or services.

Our Facebook Lead Generation service aims at building interest in targeted users or buyers for services or products of our clients.

Google Lead Generation Campaign

Being a business owner online, you would always like to derive huge traffic towards your sites to increase your revenue.

With the help of Google Lead Generation Campaigns, we at Azpa help our clients in deriving targeted traffic towards their site for better ROI.

Instagram Lead Generation Campaign

With the help of our innovative Instagram lead generation campaigns, we help our clients in warming up their users’ interest in desired products or services. We simply help our clients in converting Facebook traffic into buyers or customers.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Campaign

LinkedIn is a platform for professionals. When it comes to attracting people for a service, course and even products, it is the best platform to target.

We help our clients increasing their ROI through LinkedIn lead generation campaigns.

Our Development Services

Let’s check out our development services below.

Responsive Websites

Website developers and designers at Azpa Technologies know how to build responsive websites for businesses online.

We create and design responsive websites for business that adjust with any size, type and variety of devices.

Business Website

We create business websites for our clients so that they can share useful information about their business or company online.

CMS-Based Websites

CMS (Content Management System) is a useful application. It is used to organize web content so that various contributors can create, edit and even publish user-oriented content.

It is the best type of site that helps clients engaging with their targeted customers.

Ecommerce Web Design

If you want to start a store or ecommerce site online, you need to try our innovative ecommerce web design services.

We create ecommerce stores for clients so that they can easily showcase their products online to intended customers.

Mobile-first Website Design

Since most of the contemporary users use smartphones when it comes to shopping, we focus on creating mobile-first website design for our clients.

We at Azpa Technologies increase user experience when it comes to designing a mobile-friendly website.

WordPress Development

WordPress developers at Azpa Technologies know how to create amazing websites using WordPress platform.

We create custom-made WordPress plugins and themes for our clients. We have separate teams of programmers for different languages such as JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, PHP, and many more.

Software Development

We have experienced software developers with great expertise on programming, designing, documenting, technical testing, and yes bug fixing for different frameworks, applications and other software.

Laravel Development

We provide Laravel development solutions to our clients. It is an open-source, free PHP web platform for creating, developing and designing applications.

Azpa Technologies offers MVC (Model-view-controller) architectural pattern, which is based on innovative Symfony.

PHP Development

PHP developers at Azpa Technologies know how to create web development solutions using PHP scripting language for our clients.

We know how to use this scripting language in terms of creating outstanding web development solutions for our valuable clients like you.

.Net Development

We at Azpa Technologies use .NET development framework for creating, designing and developing web and desktop applications for businesses online.

Our Graphic Designing Services

Let’s check our graphic designing services below.

Logo Design

If you want to establish your business as a brand, you aren’t supposed to ignore the significances of creating a logo for the same.

We at Azpa Technologies have graphic designers who know how to create unique logos for businesses. We create logos that represent overall ideology of a brand. In other words, we help businesses communicating with their targeted market using a business logo.

Infographic Design

Infographic is actually a clipped or content of graphics and information. Graphic designers at Azpa Technologies use infographics to create visual information for a business.

We create infographics for businesses keeping the human visual system in mind. It means that we help businesses to communicate with targeted people for a message subconsciously using infographics.

Social Media Post Design

Social media post design is actually a visual content that can be used for digital marketing. We create social media post designs for different social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

We actually help our clients in engaging with their existing as well as potential customers or users. It is a fact that social media posts help in spreading words about a product or service online. This is the main reason why we concentrate on attractive, user-friendly and informative social media posts for different social media sites.

Presentation Design

Presentation designers at Azpa Technologies craft a range of stories, ideas, words, and even images into innovative sets of attractive slides that can be organized to tell a specific brand story to persuade targeted users or buyers.

It means that we help contemporary businesses online in presenting their products or services in such a way that potential users or buyers can choose a service or product.


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